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‘Big Brother’ Season 15, Episode 24 – Veto Competition No.9

Big Brother,” season 15, episode 24 airs tonight on CBS and the Power Of The Veto Competition No. 9  is set to take place. The winner will turn the game upside down.

Aaryn has nominated Elissa and Helen for the chopping block. The house has been aligning against Helen and she is not aware that she is this week’s target. Andy claims voting against Helen will be difficult for him, but he will do what the group wants as Helen has proven to be a strategic threat in the game.

One of the HouseGuests celebrates a victory, but becomes the subject of a minor medical emergency.

Jury members compete in a challenge to see who will return to the house to continue playing the game. The HouseGuests have been speculating about who will return and what their response will be. It is not known whether the returnee will have immunity for the week or not.

The season is winding down and the competition is heating up. See how the drama unfolds in “Big Brother,” season 15, episode 24 when it airs on CBS tonight at 8p.m.  Check out the preview clip below.


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