2 Chainz Arrested After 9-Hour Standoff With Oklahoma Police

Rapper 2 Chainz was arrested after refusing to let Oklahoma police search his tour bus without a warrant. 2 Chainz had performed with Lil Wayne and was leaving the area when his tour bus was pulled over for a broken tail light. Upon stopping the vehicle, police suspected drug use and asked to search the bus. That request was denied and it lead to a nine-hour standoff.

According to billboard.com:

“2 Chainz was among the 11 men arrested Thursday morning in Oklahoma City after refusing to allow police officers to search their tour bus following a concert.

“The rapper’s bus was being stopped overnight due to broken taillights when police suspected there was illegal drug use inside. A request to board the vehicle without a search warrant was denied and a nine-hour standoff ensued, police say.

“At around 7:30 a.m., the bus was towed to a police training center where the warrant was served. The passengers exited and were arrested, then taken to the Oklahoma County jail “on complaints of interfering with official process,” said police Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow.”

2 Chainz and 10 other people were subsequently charged with obstruction of a public officer.

What’s interesting is that when Justin Bieber’s tour bus was pulled over in April and July, the pop star faced no responsibility for the paraphernalia found on his bus.

2 Chainz was released Thursday afternoon. Below, check out the video of him leaving the jail.


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