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LeBron James’ Instagram May Get Miami Police Officer in Trouble

A Miami police officer may be hot water after treating Miami Heat superstar LeBron James like a king on Friday night. To avoid a traffic jam, James and his fiancée were escorted by the police officer to the Jay Z and Justin Timberlake concert.

James, who may have been either boastful or grateful, has inadvertently caused trouble for the officer involved. The officer gave James a wrong-way escort to avoid bumper-to-bumper traffic to the show, and the player posted a clip of the act to his 3.5 million followers on Instagram with the caption: “They treat us so well! Needed it cause traffic was nuts!!”

“Light police escort on the wrong side of the street,” wrote James of the eight-block drive that allowed him, with his police escort, to drive opposite oncoming traffic. “Headed to the big homie concert, JT. Holla!”

Now, the Miami-Dade Police Department is investigating the incident to see which officer gave King James and his fiancée, Savannah Brinson, the escort. The police say the action violated departmental policy.

“It has been brought to our attention that a video was posted on the Internet by LeBron James, a professional basketball player, where it shows him being escorted onto the property of Sun Life Stadium for a concert . . . His was not a scheduled escort and although all safety precautions were taken, the department has identified these actions as violating department policies,” police department officials said.

The department said that the officer involved could face serious disciplinary action.

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