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‘Big Brother’ Episode 22 ‘Live Eviction & HoH Comp’

On the next “Big Brother” Season 15 Episode 22 “Live Eviction #8 & HoH Comp #9,” it’s time for the contestants to be careful who they nominate. Intelligence seems to be a rare thing as the phoniness and backstabbing continues. Helen thinks she has the green light from McCrae to get rid of Amanda, she is so excited. Meanwhile, Spencer has dug himself a deeper grave, as just before Andy said that he would not use the veto, Spencer said, “if you were smart you would use the Veto and take me off the block, but you haven’t done anything smart this week.” On tonight’s show the PoV competition is going to pick up right after last week’s nomination ceremony, where Andy put Jesse and Spencer up.

“Big Brother” airs tonight at 8P.M. EST.

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