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Shocker: Raz B’s ‘Fake’ Publicist Lied about Coma Story

Raz B has some explaining to do, or at least his alleged publicist, Toy Jones, does. Last week, Jones reportedly told TMZ that Raz B slipped into a coma after suffering injuries from a nightclub fight in China.

The singer’s manager Elayne Rivers revealed that he was in a nightclub brawl, but the injuries were not serious.

“The comments about Raz being in a coma did not come from his official representative,” Rivers stated.

Ricky Romance, Raz B’s brother also believed the coma story and apologized to the public via statement released to CNN:

“I was unfortunately unable to contact my brother at the time and then panicked. I then alerted as many people of this information hoping to gather facts… Since the source that gave me this information was what I thought to be legitimately reliable I didn’t question I just believed. I apologize if I seem like I jumped to conclusions but a coma is a serious situation and it was concerning my brother whom is my best friend as well. I sincerely apologize for the confusion I caused if that is the case.”

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