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K. Michelle Cleaning Up Her Act After Receiving Ambassador Award, New Spin-Off

K. Michelle has received the “Mayor’s Ambassador Award” by Memphis Mayor A.C. Wharton, and is preparing for the debut of her own reality show. It seems like that was just what it took to inspire the R&B star to clean up her act and refine her image.

The former red head has been bringing tons of drama to the reality show, “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” and will even be appearing on the new season of “Love & Hip Hop NY,” where she has already caused tension with the original cast members. K. Michelle also set to debut her very own reality show titled, “No New Friends.”

Despite the new season being a huge hot topic, K. Michelle doesn’t talk about it much.

Instead, she is talking about her charitable efforts with children and how her music career is more important than either reality programs. She even introduced her son to the world as she received her award at Memphis City Hall.

The 27-year-old songstress took a trip to her hometown on Friday where she slipped into a cute black dress that actually made her look like a successful woman who works in the studio instead of on street corners.

Mayor Wharton gave a short speech that touched on K. Michelle’s accomplishments and how she embodies the “Memphis story.”

When it was time for the “V.S.O.P” singer to take the podium, she went on about her love for her hometown and encouraged people to never give up on their dreams.

“I absolutely love my city,” she said. “I want to thank everyone. It’s been a struggle and a fight, but I’m just getting started in this business. You have to fight if you want to be a musician. If this is what you want to do, you can never give up on it.”

In an attempt to spread a more positive light on her image, just days after she got into a nasty Twitter war with Tamar Braxton over the hairstyle that Beyonce made famous, she opened up more about her work with Saving Our Daughters.

The organization aims to empower young women, especially those who are struggling to overcome negative experiences in their life.

She also briefly touched on the Rebel Against Campaign, which has a similar goal.

“I hope with that campaign and them just watching me be able to defy the odds, [they’re encouraged], because people did not think I was ever going to put out an album,” she said.

One can only hope that this time around she will also provide the young women with an actual positive role model. While her intentions are good, for now her message is less of “overcome adversity,” and more of “be loud enough, rude enough and do whatever you need to do for media attention and you can be a reality star and part-time singer like me.”

If you ask her, however, she’s putting her focus back on her music instead of being a reality star first, but that doesn’t mean she’s ready to give up the check that comes with being on reality TV.

Her new album, Rebellious Soul, drops today. 

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