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Alex Rodriguez’s Lawyer Says MLB Doesn’t Have a Case

Alex Rodriguez’s lawyer has gone on record to say that Major League Baseball will not prove his client guilty of taking performance-enhancing drugs. The New York Yankees third baseman’s attorney says the MLB’s star witness will not be around to testify.

“Where are they putting forth the evidence?” Joe Tacopina asked on Saturday. “Anthony Bosch, who is either going to be in federal prison or is going to be in a federal investigation and is going to assert the fifth amendment? Believe me, I want nothing more than to cross examine Bosch. I would love to. I would do it for free. I won’t bill Alex for that. I won’t bill Alex for the opportunity to cross examine Bosch because he is not going to show up.”

Bosch is Biogenesis’ founder and owner, who was reportedly responsible for giving 13 MLB players PEDs and masking them to prevent the athletes from failing drug tests.

Tacopina accused MLB of acting like a bunch of “thugs” during its investigation process.

“They are threatening people if they don’t speak to MLB; they will refer them to law enforcement,” Tacopina said. He continues:

“A lawyer can’t do that. That is what Major League Baseball lawyers have done here, telling witnesses that they will expose them to the media if they don’t speak to them. We have a videotape of MLB investigators flashing badges into a gated community to try and find a witness. That is illegal. Why they are acting the way they are acting, I don’t know.

“Why do they think it is OK to tell mom and dad that, ‘We’re sorry Mr. Bosch injected your minor, your son with narcotics, controlled substances? We are going to tell the federal prosecutors that he has been a really good guy that he helped us get some baseball players so you shouldn’t prosecute him.’ That’s the deal that they made with this guy.”

Rodriguez has appealed the 211-game suspension he received for his connection with Biogenesis.

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