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Raz B Gets Hit in Face With Bottle in Chinese Nightclub Brawl

via TMZ

Pop and R&B music star Raz B, formerly of the boy band B2K, was beaten in China yesterday.

The singer became a victim of violence when he noticed a brawl breaking out at the night club where he was performing and attempted to diffuse an altercation. However, instead of getting peace, Raz B got a bottle in the face that split his lip, requiring four stitches.

According to TMZ, police immediately stepped in and arrested the attacker and Raz B, but quickly released the music star after determining he had done nothing wrong. Raz’s representative says the cops made the bottle-thrower pay about $5,000 for the singer’s medical expenses.

Raz issued a statement to TMZ saying, “F** this s*** hurts. I have a f**** hole in my lip. Thank God I made it to the hospital.”

Raz B has lived in China for the past three years, but plans to leave the country after this year.

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