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Kelly Rowland Makes up for Disappointing Summer Jam Tickets With Fitness DVDs Sales

Kelly Rowland was out and about in Beverly Hills, Calif., flaunting the toned arms and abs that helped her sell tons of fitness DVDs back in 2011 and has fans begging for more. Meanwhile, Rowland’s body may be impressive but her music still isn’t popular enough to save the Summer Jam concert after Chris Brown canceled.

The former Destiny’s Child member hit the streets of Beverly Hills in search of a new handbag as she put her guns on full display.

The “Dirty Laundry” singer’s incredibly toned arms were out for the world to admire as she strutted down the sidewalk in a white tank top and funky printed pants.

She added a few simple gold accessories and slipped her feet into chic white heels for her day of shopping.

The songstress appeared to be makeup-free or at least wore the bare minimum, which allowed her to flaunt her natural beauty as well.

Kelly’s well-sculpted body has allowed her to make a very successful venture into the fitness industry after she teamed up with The Hollywood Trainer Jeanette Jenkins to create a set of workout DVDs.

The first tape was released back in 2011, but Jenkins says that people have been begging for more and Kelly is happy to give it to them.

“The first DVD was just focused on abs,” Jenkins said. “Now I’m getting blown up by people: ‘I want Kelly Rowland’s arms! I want Kelly Rowland’s legs!’ Bottom line is if I didn’t do this video I think somebody would be coming after me.”

The new video, “Sexy Abs Cardio Sculpt,” incorporates the ab workouts with cardio and other full body moves.

Despite already having an amazing body and being in great shape, Rowland said she had to dedicate an hour every day to go through the workout in preparation for the DVD shoot.

So does her boyfriend, rapper Pusha T, push her to stay in shape? Not really. According to Kelly, she is her own inspiration.

“I have to see myself naked,” she said as she laughed. “That’s all that counts. If I’m not happy with my naked body, who will be?”

Selling the workout DVDs has been a piece of cake for Rowland, but she wasn’t able to get as much support when it came to selling tickets for Summer Jam 2013.

It’s been two weeks since Brown pulled out from the huge concert and it has forced the entire Summer Jam to be canceled.

Brown was the headlining draw for the show and after fans discovered he would no longer be appearing, many wanted a refund.

Radio station KWBT-FM 104.9 had to pull the plug on the concert after only 96 tickets were sold and the show is less than a week away.

Rowland, John Hart and Kirko Bangz were still confirmed to perform, but that just wasn’t enough to fill the seats at the Extraco Events Center.

The general manager explained that even if Rowland was the new headliner, she still wouldn’t have been able to fill such a large venue.

“Obviously, the damage was done (with the Brown cancellation),” said Edward Graham, the radio station’s owner and manager. “We tried to overcome it, but just couldn’t.”

Had he continued on with the show, it was predicted that the radio station would have been left in massive debt in addition to the $40,000 that he believes it has already lost.

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