‘The Game’ Season 6 Episode 17: ‘Miss Me a Little When I’m Gone’

On the next “The Game” Season 6 Episode 17 “Miss Me a Little When I’m Gone” Malik is forced to choose between Reece and Tori, after he is dragged into Tori’s baby daddy drama. Meanwhile, Blue and Keira catch each other lying and must confront the subject of honesty in their relationship, forcing Blue to confront his biggest supporter and toughest critic. Finally, Tasha and Chardonnay drown their post-breakup sorrows together, but Tasha is shocked and dismayed to learn something about Chardonnay that shines a light on her own personal problems.

A spin-off of “Girlfriends,” featuring a group of women in relationships with professional football players, the sitcom stars Tia Mowry (Sister, Sister) as Melanie Barnett, a young woman who is thrust into the world of professional football when her boyfriend becomes a wide receiver for the San Diego Sabers.

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