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Tamar Braxton Talks Wearing Diamonds During Delivery, Baby Names and Her New Album

The Real” talk show host, Loni Love sat in for Chelsea Handler on Tuesday night’s taping of “Chelsea Lately.” Love invited her fellow “The Real” co-host Tamar Braxton to the show. The youngest of the Braxton sisters did not disappoint in entertaining the audience.

Braxton shared the hilarious story about her son’s conception and his name:

“I never really wanted to have kids, but I said that if I adopted an Asian, I wanted to adopt an Asian girl and raise her like a black girl. And I was going to name her Disney. I said if I adopted a boy, he would have the initials LV like Louis Vuitton. So then, what happen [was] me and Vincent got real drunk one night and then we made a baby by mistake and then it was Logan Vincent – LV.”

Let’s hope this video is burned before Logan is a teenager!

On her appearance during delivery:

“I made sure that I had my hair and makeup done and I had diamonds on, because I really wanted to meet my son the right way. I didn’t want my hair all over the place. I don’t get that! Why does your hair need to be all over the place? It’s just pushing…”

While Braxton’s sense of humor may not for everyone, she’s certainly building a mini empire out of it. The “Love and War” singer is set to open for John Legend’s Made to Love tour this fall, she stars in two reality TV shows, co-hosts on “The Real” and her album “Love and War” drops next month. Sounds like a winning formula.

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