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Ashton Kutcher Discusses Portraying Complex Tech Legend in Film ‘Jobs’


Ashton Kutcher undertook one of his most challenging roles as an actor in his portrayal of technology legend and Apple Inc., co-founder Steve Jobs in the new movie “Jobs,” which is due out on Aug. 16.

It may seem a little too soon for someone to make a movie about Jobs, who died less than two years ago. However, he is such a legendary figure that the story is compelling enough to draw people in.

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“Ashton Kutcher, who took on the role of Jobs and even ended up in the hospital along the way, sat down with TechCrunch alongside co-star Josh Gad (who plays Steve Wozniak) to discuss the biopic.

‘”We’re taking on two people who are enormously important, who are still a part of the cultural zeitgeist, one of whom is still living and breathing,’ said Gad. ‘So we didn’t take that lightly.’

“For Kutcher, however, his biggest challenge was pleasing both groups of people who knew and interacted with Jobs: the group that loved him and the group that didn’t like him so much.

“‘He was a polarizing character,’ said Kutcher. ‘He had a 95 percent approval rating from his employees, but he would berate somebody for doing something wrong. I wanted to tell that story honestly in a way that both sides said, ‘Yeah, that was Steve.’”

Although I think the timing of this story is wrong, this has been the recent trend in Hollywood. Just as last year’s “Zero Dark Thirty,” about the execution of Osama Bin Laden, also felt too soon.

But because of the legend that is Steve Jobs and the popularity Apple, the company that carries his legacy, people are going to flock to theaters to check to Ashton’s portrayal. Let’s hope it is one that lives up to the legend.

Check out the video and tell us what you think.

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