50 Cent to Turn in Guns, Pleads Not Guilty in Domestic Violence Case

50 Cent has pleaded not guilty in the domestic violence case involving model Daphne Joy, who is allegedly the mother of a secret second child that 50 has yet to publicly acknowledge.

Despite the not guilty plea, the judge ordered him to hand over all his guns and to stay away from Joy.

The rule is “innocent until proven guilty,” but with a case like this you can never be too safe. That’s why the judge ordered the New York native to stay far away from Joy and to hand over all his weapons or sell them to licensed gun dealers.

Either way the “P.I.M.P” rapper is sticking by his story and saying he never kicked Joy, nor did he go on a psycho rampage and trash her home.

He showed up in court in a dark-colored suit with his attorney Scott Leemon, and remained silent throughout most of the proceedings.

The court appearance was actually the first time he has been silent about the matter.

When the allegations first arose, he took to Twitter to not only deny that he did anything, but to also bash Daphne Joy for claiming he is the father of her child.

“Look billy jean your not my lover,” he tweeted back in June.

On July 5 his attorney issued a public statement, “Curtis Jackson (50 Cent’s real name) denies these allegations as made against him.”

Perhaps the possible consequences of being found guilty of the domestic violence and vandalism charges finally hit 50 when he showed up to the Los Angeles court room on Monday.

As it turns out, the “Get Rich or Die Tryin” star could possibly spend five years in jail and over $46,000 in fines.

As he was leaving the courtroom, he was faced with more legal papers that are believed to involve custody of the child. According to one source, she is afraid that 50 might take the child out of California.

“She’s worried he’s going to take the baby out of California,” the source told The News. “She’s seeking a court order so he can’t do that.”

He reacted to the served legal papers in typical 50 Cent manner. He simply smiled and had his driver push the papers away with the windshield wipers as he hopped into the back of the large silver SUV.

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