50 Cent Loses Endorsement, Abused His Baby Mama AND Teen Son?

Rapper 50 Cent has already lost an endorsement after being charged with domestic violence and vandalism. Shortly after allegedly kicking the mother of his second child, 50 Cent then verbally abused his 16-year-old son from his relationship with Shaniqua Tompkins.

It’s definitely been a rough time for 50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson III.

Just a few days after the mother of his second child accused the rapper of kicking her and then trashing her home, 50 Cent was cut from a major performance.

The “Candy Shop” rapper was scheduled to take the stage at MLB.com’s upcoming All-Star Bash in NYC, but was removed from the flyer after the news of his domestic violence charges broke.

While it hasn’t been confirmed that he won’t be at the event, the flyer that used to read ‘Live Performance by Kaskade and 50 Cent’ now advertises two ‘surprise performances’.

Even new posts on the event’s Facebook page make no mention of the New York rapper.

He certainly should have learned by now that in this day and age nobody is getting anyway with any scandalous behavior and keeping all their endorsements or sponsorships – just ask Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, and Paula Deen.

This isn’t the first performance of his to get canceled after the incident in question took place, but don’t feel too bad for him just yet.

The 38-year-old hip-hop mogul canceled his own appearance in UK where he was scheduled to promote his line of SMS Audio headphones at Argos.

He was supposed to show up on Monday, but that quickly changed as his team contacted the retail store and canceled due to “unforeseen circumstances.”

Perhaps even he knew that it would be best for him to just lay low for a while. There is no doubt that some people would have come to the store in outrage at the idea of people promoting the products of a man who has been accused of kicking a defenseless woman.

One appearance he is sure not to miss, however, is his court date on July 22nd where he is schedule to show up for his arraignment.

If found guilty on all charges he might be spending a long five years in jail while paying up to $46,000 in fines.

To make matters worse, it seems like 50 Cent isn’t doing himself any favors by portraying himself to be an irrational, abusive person.

According to a string of text messages between 50 Cent and his 16-year-old son, the only thing he loses quicker than endorsements is his temper.

Supposedly the rant came after there was a dispute between 50 and his child’s mother, Shaniqua Tompkins, over visitation that day.

“F*** you,” he texted his son after claiming he saw him look at him through the window while he was waiting outside. “You are your mother child.”

His son, Marquise, insisted that he had been in the basement the entire time and didn’t even know his father was outside but the “P.I.M.P” rapper wasn’t buying it.

“I need a blood test cause that dick sucking b**** you call mom was f*****g the whole time,” the next tweet read.

Marquise replied by telling his dad he was “trippin’” and laughed at the fact that if he really felt that way about his mother he should have gotten a paternity test long before now.

That’s when Marquise’s father really lost it and went on to call his own son “f*****g crazy” and “stupid” just before he instructed him to delete his number from his phone.

We’re sure the courts will take that type of behavior into consideration regarding the domestic violence and vandalism case. Any man who would throw that type of language at his own son probably wouldn’t think twice about kicking a woman and destroying her property.


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