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Naked ‘Art’: John Legend ‘Made To Love’ Video

John Legend released a new video for his single “Made To Love.” The song is the second single from Legend’s upcoming album, “Love In The Future” due to be released September 3rd. The visuals for the new song definitely align with the album title, as they portray the R&B singer and other subjects in a very futuristic, computer-generated manner. According to

“The ‘Made To Love’ visual [is] very artistic. There are black and white scenes of John singing the ballad, but most of the video is filled with scenes of people making love (in a not so obvious way, but ‘artistic’) while being completely naked or covered in paint”

Naked bodies have been a trend recently in music videos. Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines” video attracted controversy for its display of women, and was eventually banned from YouTube. Justin Timberlake also came under fire for having naked women in his “Tunnel” video, but after an initial ban, YouTube deemed it artistic expression and put it back online.

John Legend’s “Made To Love” video will definitely land on the artistic side of the naked spectrum. There are no overtly naked bodies, as in the other videos, and his visuals are definitely presented in a tasteful manner.

“Made To Love” is another great addition to John Legend’s upcoming album, “Love In The Future.” After its September 3rd release, there will be a subsequent tour scheduled to begin October 10th featuring up-and-coming star, Tamar Braxton.

Whenever older generations criticize new artists for not putting out great music, I always point to John Legend as an example contrary to those opinions. He’s definitely a voice of this generation’s group of musical talent, and I look forward to seeing what the new album has to offer.

Check out the video and tell us what you think.



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