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‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ Reunion Preview – Joseline Flings Shoe at Mimi

We have to wait a few days to watch the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” reunion episode on Vh1, but word has already hit the streets that a big fight broke out between Joseline Hernandez and the mother of her fiance’s baby, Mimi Faust.

The fight supposedly broke out when showrunner and moderator, Mona Scott-Young, pointed out MiMi’s boob job. Then, in Scott-Young’s  typical instigative fashion, she asked Joseline what she thought about it. Of course, Joseline did what was expected and responded in a way that escalated things between her and Mimi by yelling, “You just mad because I took yo baby daddy,” before flinging a shoe at her adversary.

Check out the preview of this ridiculousness in the preview video below. VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” reunion airs Monday, August 5th & August 12th at 8PM ET/PT.



In other “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” news, Stevie J did an interview with Hip Hop Weekly, where he explains how him and Joseline got married. Prepare to shake your head as you read the excerpt below:

HHW: Now that you’ve gone to a Justice of the Peace, will you do another ceremony?

STEVIE J: When the show permits, we’ll do it on the show or something, or have our own show and have some kids on the show.

HHW: How are you going to deal with Mimi now that you and Joseline are a solid couple?

STEVIE J: There’s some jealousy there but I don’t believe there’s enough to where there would be a problem. Joseline is my wife now, and Mimi is the mother of my child. Not a whole lot can be done. But I can make sure that Mimi will always be good. That’s not going to change. But I’m married now — I’m married now!

HHW: How does it feel?

STEVIE J: I feel great!

HHW: How does Joseline feel?

STEVIE J: She’s got the best f—— man in the whole world.

Told you so.

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