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Caught On Tape: Hungry Bear Steals Restaurant’s Dumpster


These days, the ever-so-ubiquitous camera allows us to capture everything on video, including things we never could have imagined – like animals acting human.  A surveillance camera at the German restaurant, Edelweiss, in Colorado Springs, Colorado captured just that when it recorded a hungry bear making off with the dumpster like it was a shopping cart full of groceries.

Edelweiss is certainly not a carry-out spot, but this ‘ol mama bear had no problem with that. Her heist looks and feels so bizarrely human, it’s eerie. From the footage, it’s not clear how far she was able to get before abandoning the dumpster or getting spooked by some human presence.

The restaurant owners said this bear has taken their dumpster before, and the second time prompted them to chain it down. However, this dumpster-pushing bear is the least of their problems. They should be more worried about taking out the trash and catching her red-pawed trying to take the dumpster. That wouldn’t end well at all.

Check out the hilarious video above.



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