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Like A Boss: Cocky Raccoon Crashes Cats’ Dinner Party

Take a look at these cats. They seem to be in shock when a cocky raccoon crashes their dinner party. As the intruder proceeds to chow down on their grub, the expression on their faces read, “Hey man, that’s our food!”

To add insult to injury, the raccoon has absolutely no consideration for cleanliness or table manners – or better yet floor manners. The uninvited guest carelessly mixes the food and water while washing his hands in the drinking bowl.

Then the masked bandit has the audacity to leave without saying thanks, but not before grabbing a handful of kitty snacks. You’ve got to see how he hightails it out of there on the hind legs — just like those obnoxious family members or friends do when it’s time for kitchen duty.

Check out the hilarity in the video above.

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