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Lance Gross, Jordin Sparks Join Forces to Highlight ‘The Kinsey Collection’

Artists and actors Lauren London, Lance Gross, Talib Kweli and Jordin Sparks came together to lend their star power to an interactive campaign,”The Kinsey Collection: Shared Treasures of Bernard and Shirley Kinsey – Where Art and History Intersect” sponsored by Wells Fargo Bank.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

“[The entertainers] serve as featured curators in a four-part short-film series that consists of documentary-style narrations taking viewers through specific points in history represented by artifacts in The Kinsey Collection.”

The series is part of yearlong museum tour of the collection that launched during Black History Month.

According to a Wells Fargo press release:

“Sponsoring the Kinsey Collection allows us to honor a pivotal moment in American history that ultimately shaped this country, its aspiration and realities, and its commitment to civil rights for all Americans.”

The Wall Street Journal added:

“The series is designed to educate viewers about the historical impact of African- American history on modern life using the perspective of each celebrity curator. In one video, Lance Gross describes the trials faced by Josiah Walls, an early African- American statesmen in the 41(st) and 42(nd) Congress. Another features Jordin Sparks sharing the accomplishments of a young Phillis Wheatley, the first African- American woman poet to be published.”

Watch Lance Gross clip below:

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