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Shoe Game On: Keyshia Cole Shares New Shoe Collection

R&B singer Keyshia Cole is ecstatic about her new shoe collection with fashion label Steve Madden. The unexpected collaboration has been in the works for years. Last October before debuting three styles to the public, Cole said of the collection:

“I’ve been talking about this Steven Madden deal for about four years now so the reason why I wanted to do a deal with Steven Madden is because, when I didn’t have any money and before I got my deal, I used to buy Steve Madden shoes. So I just want to make sure that I do really cute shoes that my demographic can afford.”

The details of the collaboration are not available, but it appears Cole’s initial collection was a hit! Earlier this week the “Trust and Believe” singer debuted a whole new collection on Instagram with the caption: “Got my own shoes (Literally) in my closet. These are not all of them, but its kinda dope to see em lined up! #SoBossy.

A boss move indeed.

Check out more photos below – are you feeling this collection?


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