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Watch the Throne: Kimye Gold Toilet Rumors Steal Shine from Chicago Charity

Kanye West has launched a new charity in Chicago that will reach out to the youth of his hometown, but his charitable efforts seem to have gone unnoticed after rumors arose that he and Kim Kardashian splurged on gold-plated toilets.

Kanye West is the type of man who has such an astronomical ego that it wouldn’t be too hard to believe he thinks even his butt should only be caressed by pure gold, but as it turns out he isn’t spending thousands on gold toilets. Even Kanye and Kim have decided there are much better ways to spend their money.

In fact, it seems like West was busy putting that type of money towards a new non-profit organization in Chicago in honor of his mother’s memory as an educator.

Underneath all that ego and those constant comparisons to Jesus is a heart that is soft when it comes to the kids of his hometown.

The “New Slaves” rapper recently launched a new nonprofit organization called Donda’s House, which has been created in memory of his late mother, Dr. Donda West.

“My mom spent her life as an educator and I am happy that Donda’s House can pick up her torch and honor her life’s mission,” ‘Ye said in a recent press release.

Kanye and Donda’s House co-founder and assistant director, Che Rhymefest Smith, have already launched the organization’s first major program ‘Got Bars.’

The program will help participants between the ages of 15 and 24 learn more about music, living a healthy lifestyle and other key lessons that are essential to becoming a success in the entertainment industry.

The new program “will change our youth musically, get them healthy and keep them busy in a creative, peaceful environment,” according to Smith. “I am so happy to launch ‘Got Bars’ to honor Kanye West’s mother’s memory and to fulfill one of my Aldermanic campaign goals,” Smith said.

The Grammy Award-winning rapper began striving to become the Alderman of the 20th Ward back in 2010 and revealed he wanted to be make history as the “first rapper to ever win an elected office.”

Smith also added that he believes the program will be a huge success thanks to their partnership with the ARK of St. Sabina.

“I know it will be an even stronger program because of our partnership with the ARK of St. Sabina,” he said.

The ARK is a community youth center in Chicago located on St. Sabina’s campus. The organization was founded with similar goals as Donda’s House, as it aims to educate and sharpen the skills of the youth in the community while nourishing them spiritually.

So with everything else Mr. West does to make huge headlines, why has his charitable efforts flown  under the radar?

Well, it seems like the rumor mill is to blame for that.

Around the same time the organization announced its kickoff, it was also revealed that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian cashed out on some expensive, lavish gold-plated toilets.

As it turns out, however, that wasn’t the case at all.

Money certainly isn’t an issue for the superstar couple, but even they weren’t about to hand over $750,000 just so they can sit on gold when nature calls.

The couple has been busy decorating their mansion in Bel Air and reports suggested that the pair wasn’t holding back on the flashy décor.

Kimye allegedly spent $444,000 on six special beds and a whopping $325,000 on kitchen appliances alone.

If you’re wondering what type of kitchen appliances cost that much without the stove actually getting up and walking to the grocery store to do your shopping for you, the reports claim the couple purchased a Swarvoski crystal-encrusted refrigerator/freezer.

While The Sun, a U.K. tabloid, insists the couple is throwing their money away on unnecessarily blinged-out appliances, it seems like this is yet another false Kimye story.

The Sun hasn’t been all that reliable when it comes to following the lifestyle of Kim K and Kanye West and this report was no different.

According to Gossip Cop the gold-plated toilet rumor just “isn’t true.”

The “I Am a God” rapper probably would splurge on a gold toilet if it meant baby North West would magically become potty trained over night.

The Gossip Cop reported that Kanye isn’t a fan of changing diapers and refuses to take on the task.

“He’s not changing diapers,” one source said before assuring fans that he does spent a lot of time with his new daughter – just not a lot of time changing her diapers.

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