Settle the Beef: Alex Rodriguez Thinks the Yankees Are Conspiring Against Him

Alex Rodriguez, who is facing the threat of a lifetime ban from Major League Baseball, believes the New York Yankees are out to get him. Thinking that the Yankees want to ultimately terminate him, the third baseman has decided to take his riff with the organization public.

Rodriguez recently strained his muscle in a minor league game. After an MRI performed by the team’s doctor showed a significant amount of damage, the Yanks put him back on the disabled list. The slugger decided to have his private doctor look at his leg. Dr. Michael Gross, an orthopedic surgeon with Hackensack University Medical Center spoke to the media saying that his reading of the MRI showed no damage to Rodriguez’s quad.

A source close to Rodriguez spoke to several media outlets and contended that A-Rod is ready to be in the lineup, but that the team doesn’t want him to play.

“He feels he has no choice,” the source told “He wants to play, and they won’t let him play. Nobody knows Alex’s body better than he does.”

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