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‘The Game’ Season 6, Episode 14: ‘Photo-Shoot Fresh’

“The Game” Season 6, Episode 14Photo-Shoot Fresh,” premieres tonight on BET. In tonight’s episode, Reece and Malik recruit Malik’s friends to assist in the photo shoot for Malik’s new endorsement, ‘Basically Water,’ but trouble ensues when the father of Tori’s son, an up-and-coming rapper, starts trouble at the event. Meanwhile, Tasha and Rick’s now drama-free relationship proves not so drama-free. Also, when Blue invites R&B superstar, Ciara, to the set of Malik’s photo shoot, things get really interesting. Finally, Jason unsuccessfully tries to manage his concussion, but is finally forced to admit to Chardonnay just how severe his injury really is.

“The Game” Season 6, Episode 14 “Photo-Shoot Fresh” premieres on BET tonight at 10 PM/9 Central.

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