Rihanna a No-Show at Depositions for 9 Months, Could Cost Her Millions

Rihanna has failed to show up to any of the depositions in her own lawsuit against her former accountants and apparently the firm is fed up with getting the run around for nine months and they’re firing back.

The Bajan beauty obviously has an issue with attendance as she has consistently shown up to her  concerts late and apparently just doesn’t show up to court depositions at all.

It all started when the “Stay” songstress decided to sue her former accounts after she claimed they mismanaged her money. The firm’s counter-claim is exactly what makes Rihanna’s absence so ironic.

Berdon LLP claims that it was Rihanna’s careless attitude that brought on her financial troubles and that it had nothing to do with them.

It looks like it’s that same careless attitude that has the legal proceedings at a stalemate.

Berdon LLP’s new legal documents are getting the case fired up again because now they are coming after Chris Brown’s ex and demanding to be compensated for all the money they wasted trying to set up a deposition with her.

They claimed to have set several appointments with RiRi since November 2012, but every time the agreed upon date rolls around, Rihanna suddenly is too busy to show her face.

In January she failed to show up without really offering an explanation.

They tried again in May, but the 25-year-old songstress claimed she couldn’t make it because of her concert dates that had been scheduled well in advance.

In other words, she should have never agreed to the May 8 and May 9 dates if she knew she had a show.

After that, things got downright disrespectful. Rihanna failed to show up for a June 19 deposition after she insisted she was too sick, despite  performing on stage shortly before and after the deposition date and posting pictures of herself  showing no signs of illness, all over Twitter and Instagram.

The June deposition was the most expensive date for Berdon LLP because they agreed to set up the meeting in London to accommodate for Rihanna’s tour schedule, but even then she was a no-show.

Berdon refuses to “excuse her behavior” and they want her to fork over a minimum of $100,000 to compensate for all the costs of arranging depositions that never happened.

If the firm gets its way, Rihanna’s multimillion dollar lawsuit will be trashed as well.

To make matters worse, the “Rude Boy” crooner has been flaunting her expensive taste and loads of free time all over social media, which eliminates any other possibility that she genuinely just couldn’t make it to the assigned dates.

First she posted a picture of herself in a weird “Star Wars”-inspired get-up that looked like oversized pajamas for a teenage boy.

She paired the sci-fi ensemble with some white studded heels and gold-rimmed sunglasses and quite frankly nothing about the outfit made any sense – especially after she added a gold necklace on top of the already way-too-busy print.

It wasn’t long before she switched back into her usual fashion realm, as she exposed her cleavage and gold grill for her Instagram followers.

The picture was a downward shot which put her breasts and blinged-out mouth piece at the center of attention while cropping out the rest of her face.

“I’m an outlaw b****!!” She wrote along with the picture.

Definitely not as classy as the presentation of Jill Scott’s Essence Festival grill, which was designed to be much more discreet, and definitely not something that will help Rihanna in her legal battle.


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