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‘The Game’ Season 6, Episode 12: ‘I’m Not Kelly Pitts’


“The Game”, Season 6 Episode 12: “I’m Not Kelly Pitts” premiers tonight on BET, and since last week, we saw Blue finally “score” big with Keira after helping her prepare for an audition. Meanwhile, Tasha notifies Rick Fox about her intentions to break things off with Pookie so she could be with him. However, she is caught off guard when Pookie drops an impromptu proposal on her instead and gives her the “Janet Ring.” Malik also climbed 32 flights of stairs to prove he’s serious about his business.

In tonight’s episode we will see how Blue struggles with his feelings after finding out he took Keira’s virginity. Also, Jason’s suspicions of Chardonnay cheating with Rick are fueled by a “kiss cam” moment. This leads to a gigantic confrontation between Tasha, Jason, Chardonnay and Pookie, which may lead to Tasha’s two-timing ways being exposed.

“The Game”, Season 6 Episode 12: I’m Not Kelly Pitts premieres on BET tonight at 10 PM/9 Central. Tune in to see how the drama unfolds.

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