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On The Verge: Ciara Teases New Video ‘DUI’


R&B singer Ciara has been a busy lady and she just gave fans a sneak peek of the video to her new single DUI. With her new self titled album Ciara set to be released in less than a week on July 9th, the Atlanta performer has released a string of new videos in the last 72 hours.

This comes after releasing new video for her hit single I’m Out” featuring Nicki Minaj just a few days ago, which was also followed by a signature steamy performance at the BET Awards show. The question now becomes, are we about to see Ciara on the verge of being catapulted into R&B diva status with this new album?

Ciara has had an interesting career. While she has definitely achieved a certain level of fame, she has never been able to break out into that superstar status reserved for the Beyonces of the world.

With her new album she strives to set a new standard as a more well-rounded performer and not just a great dancer. And this might be her best work yet according to a review from

“With every album, Ciara has gotten closer to becoming her true self. Ultimately strengthening her talents, Ciara’s self-titled fifth studio album finds the singer at her best: when she’s at her most confident.

The album, her strongest and most concise since her debut, sees Ciara flourishing in mostly bass-heavy, slinky soundscapes (courtesy of Mike Will Made It, Soundz, Darkchild) that fit her vocal range. But she explores new territory (flirting with dance on her best ‘Ciara’ song, Overdose), taking off her cool when rapping (Super Turnt Up) and using a new love for inspiration (hi Future).

We may never understand while some artist are able to constantly attain superstar status, while others stay at a certain mid-tier level. But while she may never as big as Beyonce is to her male counterpart Usher, Ciara should probably be as big as Chris Brown. She could be on the verge with this new material.

Also check out her video for  I’m out featuring Nicki Minaj, which visually looks like a ode to Janet  and Michael Jackson’s Scream.

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