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The Game Season 6 Returns: Episode 11 – The Busted Episode

The Game Season 6 returns to BET tonight and if you want to catch up on where the drama left off, you’ve come to the right place.

At the mid-season finale we left off with a scandalous love triangle between Tasha, Rick Fox, and Pookie. By the looks of it, it appears that we may find out tonight how Pookie reacts when he finds out whats been going down with his woman.

Jason and Chardonnay will have some problems and a certain love triangle seems to be at the root of all of it. We also should get to see Keira and Blue shed light on a broken relationship.

Of course, you will have to watch tonight episode to see what really happens. The Game Episode 11 – The Busted Episode airs tonight at 10pm on BET. Until then check out Rick Fox’s take on the Tasha/Pookie love triangle in the video below:

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