Diddy Covers LA Confidential: He’s Just A ‘Normal’ Family Man

Diddy may have tons of riches and success but during his latest interview with Los Angeles Confidential he dished that of the many roles he has to play in life, being a family man is the most important.

Everyone knows Diddy as a true business mogul who has ventured into music producing, rapping, acting, fashion designing, and much more.

He is certainly a man who wears many hats, but according to him, he is just like any other “normal” dad who just happens to like “nice things.”

“I like nice things, but life’s pretty normal around here,” he said. “People think, ‘Oh Diddy’s probably running around his mansion spooning caviar into his mouth.’ I don’t even like caviar.”

He also revealed that he isn’t concerned about the recent criticisms he received about spoiling his children too much.

The “Last Night” crooner explained that he feels that financially successful people should be proud of their accomplishments, and there is nothing wrong with sharing his wealth with his children.

“I don’t make apologies for what I have,” Diddy said. “Especially in these economic times, it’s an achievement to have financial success. If part of that is to spoil your kids, to give them things, it’s okay, as long as they appreciate what they have.”

He also opened up about how living in Los Angeles is allowing him to spend more quality time with his kids and go through daily routines without too much interference from relentless fans or unforgiving cameras.

“Some days I think my whole life is going from the park to their baseball games to recitals, and I love it,” the New York native said. “People don’t get worked up by a celebrity the way they do in New York. There’s an unwritten rule here that when you show up at school or even Universal City Walk with your kids, people let you have that family time.”

More than likely the paparazzi won’t be following that “unwritten rule” when Kim Kardashian and Kanye West finally step out with their baby girl, however.


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