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Gabrielle Union Can’t Remember Hard Partying with Boyfriend Dwyane Wade

Gabrielle Union knows how to party, especially when it’s a special occasion.

The actress, who is dating NBA star Dwayne Wade, dished on how the couple celebrated following the Miami Heat’s championship win on Thursday night.

Well, from what she could remember.

“It was a bunch of little celebrations, because it starts out like…they win and then you go on the court and there’s the trophy presentation and then I went to hide while he went to do interviews and hung out with Lenny Kravitz and Drake and randomness,” Union said during her appearance on E! News.

“The Heat fans come out of the woodwork. We partied there and then we went to a club called Story, where apparently I had a blast! It gets a little fuzzy after that. It was a good time,” she said.

It definitely sounded like a good time. According to ESPN, the basketball team and their pals partied until 7 a.m. and racked up a $100,000 bar tab, which was comped by the club’s owner.

“I’m not going to charge the Heat,” owner David Grutman said of the comped alcohol.

The crew ordered 100 bottles of $850 Pérignon and three $5,000 mega bottles of champagne holding three liters each, along pizzas delivered to the table and a piece steak from restaurant Prime 112 for LeBron James.


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