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Jay-Z Certified NBA Sports Agent; Samsung Deal Won’t Help Album Sales

Jay-Z’s Roc Nation is now a certified sports agency for the NBA. But that still doesn’t resolve the controversy over the rap moguls’s lack of certification for the NFL after allegedly recruiting Geno Smith.

Meanwhile, Jay-Z’s latest deal with Samsung will not have any impact on his chart ratings for his new album “Magna Carta Holy Grail.”

Jay-Z has officially made the transition from a rapper to an all around businessman – or a “business, mannnnn” as he proclaimed in his verse on Kanye’s “Diamonds.”

The hip-hop mogul’s Roc Nation has officially been certified by the National Basketball Players Association, according to the announcement made by Roc Nation Sports spokesperson on Thursday.

While he may have an impressive new title, it isn’t sure what he can actually do with the new certification.

According to NBA rules, the “99 Problems” rapper would have to sell his minor shares of the Brooklyn Nets before he can actually represent any players.

Of course, his certification with the NBA is not to be confused with his lack of certification with the NFL.

Just a few weeks ago Jay-Z was accused of breaking the National Football League’s “runner rule” because he allegedly recruited Geno Smith.  The NFL Players Association prohibits non-certified representatives from recruiting players to sign with a sports agency.

Instagram photos revealed Smith and HOV sitting in a meeting together just a few days prior to Smith being recruited to the New York Jets.

The NFL Players Association will have a meeting to discuss any possible repercussions and to decide if there is enough evidence to prove Jay-Z had a direct influence on Geno’s recruitment.

Beyonce’s husband has other things to focus on, however, as he is preparing to release a new album in less than a month.

Fans were positive that the album would debut as being platinum after HOV struck a deal with Samsung that would give all Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy S IV, and Galaxy Note II users a free download of the New York native’s album.

As a part of the deal Samsung paid for one million copies of the album, but as it turns out those will not be counted as a part of Jay-Z’s album sales as far as the charts are concerned.

“Music which consumers receive free of charge, either as physical releases or downloads, have never counted towards the Official Charts, and this release is no different,” a spokesperson for the Official Charts Company told NME. “Legitimate purchases of Jay-Z’s album will count, however, as usual.”

Even for Jay-Z, selling a million records in the first week is an incredibly difficult task to accomplish.

His 2009 album “Blueprint 3” only snagged about 476,000 sales in the first week.

Meanwhile, Jay-Z seems a little bitter about the news that sales won’t count toward the charts and even took to Twitter to air his frustrations.

“If 1 million records gets SOLD and billboard doesnt report it, did it happen?” he tweeted. “Ha. #newrules #magnacartaholygrail Platinum,” he tweeted.

The album is set to hit shelves on July 4 – the same day Alicia Keys is scheduled to hold a concert in Israel, despite controversy and protests surrounding the performance.


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