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11 thoughts on “Video: Palestinian Women Urge Alicia Keys Not to Perform in Israel (Includes Violence Against Women)

  1. Sammy Davis Jr. failed to outlive his big hug of President Nixon during the time of overt oppression of the colored and poor in this country. Good intentions do not override bad effects. The greatest lost of any is when they are effectively banished from their own race and people. I am a fan I hope you does not put an "*" in this Black History musical book by her name and career. Whenever she is seriously discussed her open and defiant visit to entertain any people that are oppressing another people is something she will never live down with her race because of the history of oppression we have suffered before, during, and after the African Slave Trade [AAF]. Her grandchildren will still be trying to explain why their grandmother chose to do that at this time. It will be criticized because it cannot be justified.

  2. TAAZ – The Anti Anti Zionist No settler colonial project ever ends through negotiations without pressure on the colonists to go home.

  3. For those of you not old enough to remember…the final nail in the coffin for Apartheid in South Africa was the boycotts and non-investments. PEACEFUL AND IT WORKED. today Apartheid still lives in Israel lets deal it a death blow too.

  4. The thought that Alicia Keys would legitimize apartheid Israel is disgraceful. Maybe Alicia plans on visiting the displaced Ethiopian Jews that the Israeli government treats like shit. Better yet look at what dual citizen Rahm Emanuel is doing with African American kids in Chicago schools. The time for boycotting Israel is now! The Israeli government has had decades to negotiate peace but has used its media influence, military might and holocaust race card to essentially oppress Black Ethiopian Jews and Palestinians leaving some of them little chance at a decent life in Israel. Imagine that a people oppressed for generation oppressing others and then hiding behind the WWII Holocaust.

  5. More and more artists and academics have chosen to boycott Israel. Professor Stephen Hawking recently cancelled an appearance in Israel and chose to support the academic boycott. As was the case preceding the fall of South African apartheid, boycotts by the influential raised awareness and led to justice. Alicia Keys would agree to be used by Israel to whitewash Israeli apartheid, or she can be empowered! She could cancel!

  6. Alexander Godkin says:

    negotiations with whome?

  7. Ruth Zini says:

    רק חבל שבסוף היא כן מופיעה…. 🙂

  8. Jim Keating says:

    All the Palestinians are, are sheep caught in the middle of a power struggle between the Hamas arm of Iran and Israel. Hamas and Hezbollah could care little about what happens to the sheep. Their only goal is to spread radical Islam throughout the middle east. It would not matter who occupied Israel's lands, as long as they were not muslims, they would be under attack.I hope Israel drives them back into the sea and destroys all of their weapons.
    If the Palestinians really wanted peace, they would be irrigating their lands and growing crops, instead of shooting Iranian rockets into Israel.
    These radical muslim nuts are the same as the Taliban.
    I hope the Israeli army moves in with bulldozers and drives these Islamic radicals into the sea, then converts Gaza into a National Park.

  9. Jim Keating says:

    Alice Walker is an idiot. She does not understand what Islam is.
    Islamics kill people, who do not believe in Islam, in the name of the Q'uran and Mohammed.

    Learn from HISTORY….. Islam is a Deadly Virus. Muslims get so obsessed over their evil trilogy (Q'uran, Hadiths, Sura) that they indulge in ruthless acts of terror, killings, forced conversion and population explosion, which they call.
    Jihad in the name of Allah. Its sad that they really do not know God. Their obsession with their evil books and scriptures makes them blind to the wonderful creations of God. As a simple example, the beauty of a woman is concealed behind a Black burqa (Hijab) all because the holy books or scriptures say so.
    It is this kind of obsession with their evil books that makes them irrational and indifferent towards other religions.

  10. Simone Kessler says:

    Good for Alicia Keys. Because she knows that the myth of "Apartheid Israel" is a LIE. How can you talk about apartheid, when there are Arab Supreme Court judges, Knesset members, cabinet ministers, lawyers, doctors, etc? There has been am Arab Miss Israel – and there is now a black Miss Israel. Israel has even been represented by an Arab at the Eurovision Song Contest. There are also Arab diplomats in the Israeli Diplomatic Service, representing Israel abroad. To call Israel an "apartheid state" is either to display appalling ignorance, as well as a lack of respect for the real suffering of Africans under apartheid – or else to show you up as a DESPICABLE LIAR.

  11. Simone Kessler says:

    What a liar you are, Mark Aftab Sackoor. It is the "Palestinians" who have, for decades, dodged peace negotiations. They are STILL dodging them. What is stopping them from coming to the negotiation table TODAY? They make one excuse after another.

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