Jay-Z Announces New Album ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’ During NBA Finals Game

Jay-Z made a shocking announcement during Game 5 of the NBA Finals, revealing through a Samsung video ad that his new album, “Magna Carta Holy Grail,” is less than a month away from release.

Most fans had no idea Jay-Z was even working on new music, so when he disclosed that they are just weeks away from hearing an entire album from the New York megastar, they were both shocked and anxious.

“Magna Carta Holy Grail” will be HOV’s 12th studio album and is currently scheduled to hit shelves on July 4.

A three-minute ad that played during the game took the attention off the court and unto the famous faces who are helping Jay-Z with his latest production.

The black-and-white footage shows Jay-Z in the studio with Timbaland, Pharrell Williams, Swizz Beats, and Rick Rubin.

“We don’t have any rules, everybody is trying to figure it out,” Jay-Z says during the ad. “That’s why the Internet is like the Wild West. The Wild, Wild West. We need to write the new rules.”

He went on to explain what was so important about the new album and what it’s all about.

“The album is about, like this duality of how do you navigate through this whole thing, through success, through failures, through all this and remain yourself,” the 43-year-old rapper from Brooklyn said.

The new ad has also been posted to Jay-Z’s website “Life + Times” and his partnership with Samsung means that Samsung phone owners will be getting some perks.

Fans who own a Galaxy S III, the new Galaxy S IV, or the Galaxy Note II will be able to get the album 72 days ahead of everyone else by using a special app created just for them.

Samsung has reportedly purchased one million copies of the album already, so they can be given to the Samsung fans.

As for more perks for Jay-Z?

You can start with the fact that technically he has already sold one million copies before his first week of album sales even started.

Secondly, the deal itself with Samsung reportedly earned Blue Ivy’s proud father a whopping $20 million.

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