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Kanye West Reaching Breaking Point: Album Controversy, Governor's Ball Rant

Kanye West Kim Kardashian split over privacy

Kanye West’s new album “Yeezus” may be revealing the rapper nearing a serious breaking point as he debuted the controversial lyrics at his listening party shortly after going on another rant at the Governors Ball and before snapping on the paparazzi yet again.

Kanye West should be on cloud 9 considering he is about to become a father in less than a month, but it seems like lately the paparazzi hating rapper is angrier now more than ever.

When Mr. West was spotted out and about in New York on Monday his facial expression said it all when the cameras approached him.

Yeezy had his head low and his gray hood up over his head but that wasn’t enough to make the camera man shy away.

When they reporter asked a simple question, “What’s good, Kanye,” the rapper snapped and immediately told him to shut up.

“Don’t ask me questions, man!” he snapped back.

The paparazzi then tried to wish him a belated birthday but got a response that was just as rude as the first.

“Shut up! Don’t ever talk!” Kanye yelled.

It’s no secret that Mr. West hates the paparazzi and he’s made that known by constantly smashing their cameras and trying to hide his face from their view.

Kanye West admits to deep depression, thoughts of suicide

Despite making his distaste for them known, there is no way he can escape the media attention after he started dating reality star Kim Kardashian.

Being fed up with the media is probably a great explanation as to why the “New Slaves” rapper hasn’t been spending much time in L.A with his baby momma.

He celebrated his birthday out in New York with best pals Beyonce, Jay-Z, Nas and other famous friends and then had his listening party out in the Big Apple as well.

The music revealed at the listening party was just even more proof that Mr. West may be nearing a breaking point as far as his sanity and patience is concerned.

The new album takes on a very dark element and definitely has some rock and techno inspirations.

On some of the tracks he can be heard literally screaming over the tracks as if it were a metal or rock album he was releasing rather than a hip hop one.

Not to mention songs like “Black Skinhead” and “New Slaves” are already well at work pushing people’s buttons in a way that has former Full House star Candace Bure enraged.

“If I don’t get ran out by Catholics, here come some conservative Baptists saying he overreacting,” Kanye raps.

Kanye West nears his breaking point, lashes out at paparazzi

Lines such as this along with the album title “Yeezus” which is obvious a combination of “Jesus” and “Yeezy” has many Christian listeners up in arms… but does Kanye care? Of course not and quite frankly he shouldn’t.

While the lyrics certainly don’t agree with everyone’s beliefs you have to respect the Chicago native for sticking to his own original vision instead of conforming his music to respect someone else’s opinion – and this is coming from someone who finds many of his lyrics problematic.

“This is the part of the show where I start complaining about sh**,” Kanye said as he launched on another full rant at the Governors Ball. “When I listen to radio, that ain’t where I wanna be no more. Honestly, at this point, I could give a f*** about selling a million records as long as I put out an album this summer that y’all can rock to all motherf***ing summer.”

He went on to say that outside opinions mean nothing to him and as long as his “clique” is happy, he’s happy.

Kanye West governor's ball rant sign of breaking point

His recent string of rants and unpredictable behavior seems to be the result of a sudden downward spiral Kanye embarked on after his mother passed away.

In his song “Clique” he even admits that he had thoughts of suicide after losing his mom.

While many media outlets are consistently mocking the behavior and making a joke about it you have to wonder if emotionally and mentally Kanye is just as unstable as Amanda Bynes. And if that’s the case we truly hope he gets the support and help he needs soon… for his sake and his baby’s.


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