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Kenya Moore Gets Slapped With False Eviction, Brandi Glanville Insult

Kenya Moore evicted from Atlanta home

Kenya Moore Denies Eviction: Kenya Moore may be Gone with the Wind fabulous, but she’s about to be gone without a roof over her head according to a recent lawsuit filed by her landlady who claims the starlet is coming up short on rent. Meanwhile, Brandi Glanville took some serious shots at the former pageant queen as she slammed her for being so desperate.

Does anyone else find it ironic that the first things these Real Housewives keep losing are their husbands and their homes?

Just weeks after Porsha Williams got booted from her Atlanta mansion by soon-to-be ex-husband Kordell Stewart it seems like Kenya is getting the boot from her landlady.

The news broke earlier this week suggesting that the reality star was indeed getting evicted after she allegedly came up short almost $9000 on her $3,999 monthly rent.

Well according to the outspoken and slightly psycho starlet her landlord is just scheming to get her out of the home.

Kenya denied all allegations that she was short on rent and insisted she has paid her rent in full for both May and June.

In addition to denying the accusations, she’s also responding with a lawsuit of her very own.

Kenya Moore faces eviction, Brandi Glanville diss

Moore’s 27 page countersuit is seeking costs of the suit and punitive damages.

According to the legal docs, she’s suing for wrongful eviction, slander and emotional distress because ever since she was wrongfully evicted she’s been “shunned” by her friends.

While she may be able to get some cash for the wrongful eviction if she can prove her case the charges of slander and emotional distress probably won’t go through in the courtroom.

It’s not her landlord’s fault that Kenya has terrible, superficial friends.

Cmon Kenya… Where ya real friends at?

Meanwhile, it seems like her landlord isn’t the only trying to ruin her name – yes the name that she already destroyed with her crazy antics on reality TV.

Another housewife took aim and fired at Kenya during a recent interview where she slammed the starlet for her desperate behavior… Ouch.

Kenya Moore denies eviction allegations, files countersuit

Brandi Glanville sat down with Us Momentum and felt no need to hold back.

Glanville said that Moore’s husband-hunting methods on TV “reeks of desperation.”

“The whole ‘I want to get married, I want to get married’ thing is not hot for anyone to say,” she added.

Let’s see if Kenya is going to try to hit her with a slander lawsuit.

In the mean time, however, Brandi is in the middle of writing her own relationship self-help book, but we aren’t recommending it to anyone.

Just seems a bit odd to take relationship advice from a woman who is divorced and not yet in a happy marriage herself.


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