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Serena Williams Dominates Essence Cover, French Open

Serena Williams has graced the cover of the July issue of Essence like a true beauty all while beasting the courts the French Open.

Serena flaunted gorgeous curves on the latest issue of Essence where she posed happily in an ombre Carmen Varc Valvo one piece swimsuit accessorized perfectly with a simple pair of Ben-Amun hoop earrings.

If you’re wondering how Williams managed to light up the cover of the popular magazine so flawlessly it’s because she seems to be on the cover of Essence almost as much as she’s on the tennis courts.

This is the tennis star’s third time posing on the cover of Essence and she certainly has her cover photo shoot game on lock.

The only thing more stunning than her physical beauty is the way she has conquered the many health scares and obstacles that threatened her tennis career in the past.

She sat down with the mag to talk about returning to the intense sport after a long battle with a pulmonary embolism about two years ago.

According to the 31-year-old athlete the battle was just as spiritual as it was physical and emotional.

In addition to dishing about her health hardships she also opened up about how she was able to use her own body image to help other women feel better about their curves.

“It can be a bit weird,” she told Essence. “Before it was, ‘Serena has a big butt,’ and that was all. Now there are way more people who feel comfortable with themselves and they’re saying, ‘I’m a woman, and that is what I look like.’ I always say, ‘We’re popular now! We’re finally in style.’”

Of course, Serena isn’t just famous for her gorgeous body and stunning beauty. Everyone knows the famous Williams sister as a beast on the tennis court and she is proving that she still hasn’t lost her mojo.

Despite double-faulting during the beginning of her fourth-round match against Roberta Vinci of Italy, she still managed to pull ahead of her opponent and snag her 28th consecutive victory which is sending her on to the quarterfinals.

While fans and even rivals are impressed with Serena’s record breaking streak the tennis star herself is remaining as humble as possible and doesn’t even see the streak as a streak at all.

“I honestly don’t even consider it, like, a streak,” she said after the game. “Every day, everybody is like, ‘You’re on this streak.’ But for me it’s about winning the matches. It’s like I don’t care to be on a streak. I don’t care not to be on a streak.”

There are many famous athletes that are inspired by breaking records but Serena explained that at the end of the day all she wants is to come out on top.

“At the end of the day I just want to hold up the winner’s trophy,” she said.

Well just because she isn’t focus on her tennis streak doesn’t mean we aren’t.

Williams’ current streak is the longest winner’s streak she has had since she began playing tennis and it has even broken her sister’s record for the most wins in a single season.

Everyone is hopeful that her streak will continue to grow, but two-time major champion Svetlana Kuznetsova is ready to do everything she can to stop that from happening.

According to the stats the odds are definitely in Serena’s favor since Kuznetsova is ranked 39 compared to Serena coming in at number one, but that still doesn’t make Williams safe.

The 39th ranked tennis star managed to dominate the court in her match against number 8 seeded Angelique Kerber on Sunday. She will also have a little bit of special inspiration to beat Serena – the two ladies will be coming together on the court where Kuznetsova last defeated Williams.

“That will probably get her pumped up,” Williams admitted.

It has her pumped up, but it doesn’t have her feeling arrogant. Kuznetsova acknowledged Serena’s impressive rank and said she is just hoping she will have one of her good days when she faces off with Williams again.

“I mean, she’s the best in the world so far,” Serena’s soon-to-be opponent said. “She’s been playing unbelievable tennis. But I believe that I have game and my good days, as well. Let’s cross fingers I will have a good day.”


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