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Kordell Stewart Slams Porsha As A Spoiled Brat, Won’t Pay Her a Dime

Kordell Stewart and Porsha Williams’ divorce drama is heating up as Kordell continues to refuse to pay the Real Housewife a single dime after he locked her out of his Atlanta mansion and claims her money woes are the direct result of her own “financial negligence.”

As we previously reported, Kordell decided to change the locks on his mansion while Porsha was out which forced her to move in with her mom.

While Porsha claimed she had no warning about her ex changing the locks, Kordell said that he warned his ex via text message about the new locks.

“[Porsha] established a routine of leaving [the] pre-marital residence without explanation and without consideration of the detrimental effects such behavior would have on the parties’ marriage, and [Kordell’s] nine year old son,” Kordell stated in a Civil Action file.

Well apparently, Kordell is still feeling some type of way about Porsha claiming she was locked out the house and he’s reminding everyone that he doesn’t plan on giving his ex-wife a single dime.

Kordell is speaking out and saying that all of Porsha’s problems with money are from her own “financial negligence” because she’s a spoiled brat who can’t control her spending habits.

He explained that she was so busy using her money on “grooming and clothing” that she wouldn’t have enough money left to pay the bills. Quite frankly, we know those designers gowns, luxurious weaves, and plush fake eyelashes do cost a pretty penny so we wouldn’t be surprised if she was maxing out cards in the beauty aisle.

He even went on to accuse Porsha of using the divorce drama to “make herself more marketable in the media,” and he certainly isn’t the first person to make that claim.

Tons of fans of Real Housewives of Atlanta are claiming that the reality star’s divorce drama is the only thing that earned her a spot on the new season.

At the end of the day, however, his personal feelings towards Porsha has nothing to do with whether or not he had the right to lock her out of his home.

If he is in the wrong then it’s very likely that the courts will require him to fork over some sort of spousal support to give Williams a new home because he did change the locks without an extended notice.

In other words, sending out a quick text to tell her she has been locked out isn’t enough of a forewarning to actually proceed with changing the locks and keeping her stuff inside.

Only time will tell if Kordell will have to pay up or not once the bitter couple finally has their day in front of a judge.


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