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Darius Rucker Calls Racist Tweeter an ‘Idiot’

Darius Rucker knew he was taking the bait from a troll Sunday when he responded to a racist tweet.

But the suggestion that the Wagon Wheel singer “leave country music to white folk” seemed so random and out of the blue that it made a shocking disruption to a Sunday afternoon spent with friends.

“It’s such a few-and-far-between thing,” says Rucker, 47. “It doesn’t happen that often.

“I don’t know who it was — some kid thinking he was cool, I guess.” But when Rucker scrolled through other tweets on the account — which has since been deleted and re-registered by someone wanting to use it “to promote good things & not hatred” — he found he wasn’t the tweeter’s only target.

“I read a couple of his tweets and was like, ‘This guy’s a real racist; he ain’t kidding,’ ” Rucker says. “I was like, ‘I have to expose this idiot.’

“We think we’ve come such a long way, and there’s always somebody that wants to take a step back.”

Rucker replied, quoting the original tweet and saying, “WOW. Is this 2013 or 1913.” In another tweet, Rucker added that he’d take his Grand Ole Opry membership “and leave your racism.”

Source: USA Today

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