Chris Brown Crashes Car And Chances of Getting Back With Rihanna

Chris Brown crashed his car in L.A. after rear ending a woman’s Mercedes, but the damage to the vehicles was nothing compared to the damage he’s done to his changes of reuniting with Rihanna after shacking up with Karrueche again.

We tried to give Brown a chance of redemption and he is proving to us that he just doesn’t deserve it.

Despite going on a radio rant about how he doesn’t have time to “wife” anyone as young as Rihanna and claiming he wants time to focus on his solo career, it seems like he might be back to shacking up with Karrueche who is the exact same age as RiRi (25).

Chris Brown, who is younger than both his estranged lovers at the age of 24, must be afraid of being alone because the very second Rihanna went her separate ways he ran back to the wannabe model knowing she would still be irrelevant enough to want to take him back and finish cashing in on having a celebrity boyfriend – if you haven’t figure it out by now we think Chris and Kae are both just kind of sad and dare we say pathetic.

While Breezy hasn’t learned his lesson or stayed true to his word, Rihanna does seem to be sticking to her story of being over Chris and his ex.

It seems the award-winning songstress is finally ready to move on and she’s doing so without holding a grudge, or so she claims at least.

“He made his bed and she’s hoping he’s happy laying it,” a source close to Rihanna explained. “No hard feelings, she wishes him well, always.”

Of course, that’s a surprising statement considering the nasty Twitter feud the stars got into after the break up but that is only to be expected when someone is genuinely hurt.

Now that time has passed, the Bajan beauty is ready to just move on.

“She’s happy for [Chris],” the source continued. “That’s his life and she’s done just about all [she] can do for him.”

Snagging a total of four awards at the Billboard Awards and having her ex flop on stage due to a hoarse throat probably helped her get over the situation as well. Who has time to be stuck in a troubled relationship when you are at the top of the R&B and Pop totem pole?

Why not let Chris and Kae try to save their careers together – and we’re being generous because Karrueche in all actuality doesn’t have a career.

As for that blonde that Chris smashed up? Apparently Breezy couldn’t keep his eyes on the road and off Tran as they drove through L.A.

Chris rear ended a woman’s Mercedes but luckily the damage wasn’t too bad.

TMZ’s photographer described the damage as “medium” and confirmed that they spotted Karrueche in the car as well.

Meanwhile, it seems like there is one member of Rihanna’s camp that is still pushing for RiRi and Brown to get back together – her father.

Ronald claimed that despite all the drama between the “Fine China” singer and his daughter he is still Brown’s “number one fan.”

While he did admit this break up was a bad one, he just feels like it will take a little more time for them to iron things out (and for Chris to dump Karrueche for Rihanna for the 20th time).

“They have a very passionate relationship but if they split up it does not mean it’s for ever with them,” Rihanna’s dad explained. “In a couple of months they’ll be back together.”

We’re hoping and praying that he’s wrong, but we wouldn’t at all be surprised if the pair gets back together once again.


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