‘The Voice’ Recap: Men Vs. Women

Monday’s episode of  The Voice” made it seem all the more likely the men on the show are in for an “American Idol”-style fate: to be picked off act by act until only women are left standing.

Of course, there’s no such thing as a sure bet when it comes to predicting viewers’ votes (if there was, Angie Miller would have been in last week’s Idol finale), but it’s hard to imagine how the fellows who remain on “The Voice” are going to top the women.

With two men eliminated last week, the guys were already at a 7-3 disadvantage as the top 10 performed Monday night.

And frankly the girls were giving ‘er, whether it was Holly’s gospel power vocal, Michelle’s impassioned pop, Judith’s jazzy Michael Jackson or Danielle’s pitch-perfect country. Just when you thought you’d seen the best the women had to offer on Monday, another girl would come along and raise the bar even higher.

Here’s a rundown of the performances, ranked from my most to least favorite.

Michelle Chamuel, Team Usher: If you watched Amber Holcomb stumble with P!nk’s “Just Give Me a Reason” on Idol a few weeks ago, you know it’s not an easy song to sing, which makes it all the more impressive that Michelle nailed it vocally. Not only that, she was intensely passionate about it, even though she admitted her independence made it hard to relate to the song’s message. Kris Thomas, take note (see below), it doesn’t matter whether the lyrics are an accurate description of what’s going on in your life if you fool us into believing they are.

Holly Tucker, Team Blake: It’s an open question whether coach Blake Shelton chose the hymn “How Great Thou Art” to show a different side of Holly or to snap up votes from religious Americans. To be honest, the subject matter didn’t appeal to me, but Holly’s delivery did. She started with a lovely clear tone and beautiful vibrato and progressed to impressively controlled power notes. Shelton said she’d turned things up a notch at a crucial time in the competition. And he also connected the song’s message about faith to the tragedy in Oklahoma, his home state, where a tornado killed at least 51 people.

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