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Porsha Stewart Locked Out Of ATL Home by Kordell

Porsha Stewart…or should we say Williams, has been kicked out of her home in Atlanta after ex-husband Kordell Stewart changed the locks on the home without giving her a proper warning.

This is definitely on track to be one incredibly nasty divorce process after Kordell pretty much gave Porsha the boot and left her homeless.

While Williams was able to go crash with her mother for the time being, sources claim that she was not given the proper warning that she was about to be kicked out and that she still has possessions in the home that she hasn’t been able to retrieve.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star is adding the incident to her legal paperwork for the divorce trial and claiming that her ex has done this before. Her legal team is insisting that she receives a key to the house and also pushing for Kordell to have to give his soon-to-be ex-wife enough money to get her own “suitable alternative residence.”

As you probably figured, Kordell isn’t hearing any of it.

He already refused to pay his ex any spousal support and he certainly has no intentions of buying her a home.

The divorce is a pretty bitter one consider the pair only got married in 2011, but throughout that entire marriage Porsha insists she was always playing mommy to Kordell’s son Syre and she deserves compensation for that.

Meanwhile, some blogs and tabloids aren’t buying any of the couple’s drama and they claim that this is all in the name of reality TV.

Rumor has it that the couple planned this entire situation so that they would be guaranteed a spot on the next season of RHOA after they discovered Porsha was on her way to being cut from the show.

With Media Take Out being the primary source of this rumor, we have more than enough reasons to not believe it but there are still even more things wrong with that story.

While it does create some serious drama that reality TV producers love, that certainly isn’t enough drama to make Porsha an interesting character – especially if she is going to be at her mother’s house.

If Momma Porsha doesn’t want those pesky cameras following her around she can easily say no, after all she isn’t the one that’s under contract.

So not having a promised home to live in and not even being a wife anymore isn’t exactly the best scheme to try to save her seat on Real HOUSEWIVES of Atlanta.

The only benefit from the divorce is that getting Kordell out the picture means the RHOA star NeNe Leakes is willing to pull the reality show newbie back in front of the cameras.

However, this still doesn’t support the rumors about a scheme because it means Kordell would have to pretty much vanish from the show.

As for the reality starlet’s spokesperson, they claim that the petite stay at home mom would never want to create this type of environment with a child in the household.

“Given everything this abrupt divorce filing has put her through in the public, Porsha would never bring something like this on herself,” the spokesperson claimed. “Especially with them having a child in the house.”

You never know what the real story is these days, but we have a pretty good feeling that this wasn’t a matter of sitting down over crumpets and tea and conversing about how to save a spot on RHOA… if anything why not stay together and push for some corny spin off like everyone else does?


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