Look to the Stars For Answers to Relationship Questions

– “Life is great, but when will I finally settle down, marry and have a family?”
– “What can I do to make my relationship more exciting?”
– “After three years of dating, my partner won’t commit. What should I do?”
– “I’m not happy in my marriage. Should I divorce?”
– “When will I meet the love of my life?”

Have you ever looked up at the sky and stars and screamed, “Will someone please answer my question?”

You can find the answer to each of these questions by knowing which planet is transiting through your seventh house of marriage and partnerships. A “lucky” transit may bring a marriage partner into your life. Another transit may bring excitement into your current relationship. Yet another transit might wreak havoc in your marriage, prompting you to make a major change.

The Secret to Understanding What Is Happening

Transits are “astrological” events that affect every area of your life. Let’s discuss how your romantic relationships and marriage are affected by the five transiting planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. You can use this information to find a marriage partner, make your current relationship better, or even divorce.

JUPITER — Transit: Lucky Time for Marriage and Partnerships

If you have Jupiter transiting this area of your life, congratulations! You’ve got a great year ahead of you, especially if you’ve said, “I’m ready to meet Mr. Right (or Miss Right) for a long-term relationship such as marriage,” or “I want to make my marriage even happier,” or “When would be the best time to find a compatible business partner?”

Make sure to be out socializing, because this will be a lucky year for you to marry. You’ll be sociable, loving and capable of intimacy with others. Perhaps in the past you’ve enjoyed the excitement of being single, dating around and having fabulous romantic experiences.

However, you now realize your happiness comes from sharing your life with another. For that reason, this is a fortuitous time for finding new relationship opportunities, such as a partner for a long-term committed relationship. What’s so great about Jupiter transiting your seventh house is that, unlike other times when you may have met unsuitable partners, now you’ll meet ones for the long-term who may even be “marriageable.”

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