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2013 Billboard Awards Recap: The Good, The Bad, and The Inappropriate

The Billboard Awards did it big like always as they called out some of the music industry’s biggest starts including Jennifer Lopez, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Pitbull, Miguel, Taylor Swift and many more to rock the stage and in case you missed it we’ve summed up some of the night’s most memorable moments.

If you didn’t get a chance to watch the big awards show but don’t want to have the awkward moment at the water cooler when you have no idea what everyone else is talking about, we have come to the rescue.

This year’s award show was jam packed with some incredible performances, unfortunate slip ups, tons of meme worthy moments, and some rather questionable decisions.

Things kicked off with Bruno Mars performing his song “Treasure” as he grooved along with a matching band behind him.

He definitely channeled his inner Motown for an incredible performance.

Then the hip hop newbie Macklemore and producer Ryan Lewis took to the stage at a different venue, the Wynn Las Vegas, were they performed the catchy tune “Thrift Shop” that has quickly become every college kids anthem after Macklemore rapped, “I’m gonna pop some tags, only got $20 in my pocket.”

Apparently the song appeals much more to just financially struggling college kids too because the pair took the award for Best Rap Song.

Another great performance that we weren’t expecting was when David Guetta (who was also crowned the best EMD artist) took over with some crazy neon lights and showed everyone why he deserved the award in the first place.

The big surprise was when in the midst of him doing what he does best, Akon and NeYo come unto the scene to turn up the party a little more. It was certainly a crazy performance but we were wondering how Lil Wayne’s epilepsy would be doing with all those crazy flashing neon lights.

Speaking of Lil Wayne, not every performance went off without a hitch.

When it was Nicki Minaj’s turn to hit the stage and perform “High School” we were initially very impressed. She was dressed like a normal human being rather than a raggedy Ann doll in drag…and then Lil Wayne came out.

Where Nicki stepped up, Lil Wayne fell flat as he strolled out unto the stage looking like he had just woken up a good five minutes before it was time for him to be on stage.

He rolled up one leg of what appeared to be some pajama pants and delivered a pretty lack luster performance overall. Nicki, on the other hand, was killing the stage until she set things up for yet another Lil Wayne lap dance.

We understand that not every award show can be G-rated and that’s fine, but we were kind of disappointed with the fact that we’ve all seen this before. Was the Billboard Awards really the place to just do the same old same old?

To make matters worse once Nicki threw her leg over Weezy we noticed a huge problem with those black leggings – they were a little more see through than they should have been. So as the hip hop Barbie danced the night away we were stuck looking at butt crack because the curvy rapper opted out of wearing underwear as well.

Maybe she was trying to prove that she actually didn’t have butt pads? Who knows… who knows.

Even then, however, Nicki didn’t show off as much skin as Jennifer Lopez (and no that is not a typo).

The mother of two came out in a red one piece with some thigh high red boots and feather sleeves to perform her hit “Live It Up” alongside Pitbull.

While the ensemble reminded us of a stripper version of that red thing from the cartoon Marvin Martian, we certainly enjoyed the actual performance.

We’re sure her backup dancers loved it too because at one point the Latina beauty needed to be lifted in their air which guaranteed the men a full hand of J. Lo booty.

While everyone’s performances ranged from pretty good to great – even with Miguel landing on top of two fans after failing to successfully jump across the audience pit – it was Chris Brown who was being slammed for having a hoarse performance.

His dance moves were on point like always as he channeled his inner Michael Jackson, but when it came time to belt out the lyrics to “Fine China” his lack of pitch control was blaringly obvious.

Once again, I’m not one to eagerly defend Breezy but I must give him props even on his scratchy vocals because at least he had the guts to dance his heart out and still try to sing the lyrics live…. Which can’t be said for other stars on the stage.

While everyone’s choreography was well rehearsed many of the stars hadn’t been working on timing their lip movements to go along with their prerecorded tracks.

I’m not saying there is anything terrible about lip syncing, I’m just saying I have more respect for the person who sings live and messes up a few lines than I do for the person who has a flawless performance by taking the easy way out.

Brown later addressed the performance on Twitter saying, “Lil hoarse for the performance but it happens. Good sh** otherwise.”

Other big moments at the awards show were Justin Bieber getting booed by the crowd after going on stage to receive his Milestone Award, Miley Cyrus killing the fashion game with a bodysuit that was to die for, Ke$ha presenting an award and actually looking like a human being again, and of course Taylor Swift’s theatrical and well rehearsed performance that featured her standing on office tables and riding chairs through the halls of the MGM Grand.

All of those moments combined, however, still weren’t enough to beat the best performance of the night.

When you have the gorgeous Janelle Monae and the ever so fabulous Erykah Badu presenting an award you know it’s going to be big.

The two ladies had the honor of introducing their idol, Prince, who took to the stage in a stylish afro and an all girl band that was rocking by his side.

Prince was being honored the most talented icon in the music industry and his performance was nothing but a gigantic “I Deserve This” that reminded everyone why he was a music icon in the first place.

Billboard 2013 Videos
Jennifer Lopez “Live it Up”

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Justin Bieber and “#thatPower”

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Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne “High School”

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Chris Brown “Fine China”

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Bruno Mars “Treasure”

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