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Christina Aguilera Returns to ‘The Voice’ With New Slim Figure

Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green will both be returning to the hit series “The Voice,” but it’s only Christina who will return with a brand new figure that will have America struggling to pick their jaws up off the floor.

Christina was the victim of some serious body bulling throughout the show despite the fact that she still had a body we would want any day.

While keeping the haters in the back of her mind she announced she was actually already on track to live a healthier lifestyle and to get in shape.

Well taking a season off to go touring has certainly done some wonderful things for Mrs. Aguilera because hunny she looks fierce!

On Wednesday the returning Voice coach posted a pic of herself in some black high-waist short and a bra as she leaned out the window facing a lovely beach.


She was reportedly at the seaside location for the shooting of her new music video “Hoy Tenga Ganas De Ti.”

Yes that means you might have to go out and buy Rosetta Stone to enjoy the song but honestly Christina can be singing the McDonald’s dollar menu and we’d still be happy.

Anyway, Aguilera admitted earlier this year that she was thankful for all her curves because she used to be “too skinny.” While she still has that hourglass figure that some ladies would die for, she has certainly toned up and slimmed down.

Looking good Christina!

To make things even better we’re going to see that sexy bod twirling around and around in that large red chair once again when she comes back to “The Voice” next season.

She and Cee Lo are returning for season 5 and will depart yet again for season 6 – allowing Usher and Shakira to return to their swiveling chairs as well.

The sad thing about this is that “The Voice” has managed to create not one, but two successful panels of judges that viewers love while American Idol is about to switch up their sixth arrangement of judges.

Paul Telegdy, the president of alternative and late night programming for NBC made the announcement about the original four judges returning to the show.

“We locked in a plan several months ago to have the outstanding Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green rejoin Blake and Adam for cycle 5, and we’re pleased to announce that the original four coaches are going to be back together in the fall,” Telegdy said in a statement on Friday. “They’re the reason the show was launched so strong for the first three cycles and we owe them a debt of gratitude.”

In the statement he went on to explain that Usher and Shakira will hopefully always be there to fill in for Cee Lo and Christina when they embark on other business endeavors.

While the idea of a constantly changing group of judges may have caused American Idol to tank, “The Voice” has a much better strategy that is probably only going to increase their viewers.

Now it is as if America gets two different versions of The Voice every year – one with the costume loving soulful singer and the powerhouse R&B diva and another version with the sexy Shakira and the charming Usher fighting to be the best newbie on the block.

It seems like this might be the move that puts the final nail in American Idol’s casket especially after The Voice finally managed to beat out the original singing competition show in the ratings.


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