Kim Kardashian, Kanye West On Their Way to Splitsville?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have already sparked predictions that Kimmy will be a single mom while Kanye is still furious over the excessive media attention he’s received since getting together with the reality star.

You would think anyone who hates the paparazzi would make sure they stayed far away from Kim Kardashian, but Mr. West decides to get the reality star pregnant and expect the paparazzi to leave him alone? Really Kanye?

Mr. West has been complaining about the excessive media attention for quite some time now and this time he took his bitter rant to the stage in New York for one of his latest concerts.

During the rant he calls himself a “terrible, terrible, terrible celebrity” and slams the paparazzi for distracting him from making “real” music.

This is by no means a music review, but Ye’s “real” music days stopped a while ago.

He went from spitting heart felt rhymes such as “Family Business” and “Roses” to giving predictable (and somewhat mediocre) verses in songs such as “Clique.”

We’re not really sure how he is saying the photogs are responsible for that, but we aren’t buying it.

Anyway, he complained at the paparazzi for over three minutes and claimed that he refuses to mock his relationship with them when he appears on “SNL” this weekend.

Apparently he doesn’t see anything funny about his camera bashing antics and sensitive ego – despite the fact that the rest of us do find some bits of comedic gold in there.

One thing he didn’t mention during the lengthy rant was his baby mamma Kim Kardashian, but outspoken talk show host Wendy Williams covered for his slack.

Wendy had a lot to say about Kanye’s boo and publicly predicted that the famous Kardashian would be a single mother shortly after giving birth.

Wendy sat down with Andy Cohen on an episode of “Watch What Happens Live” and said the one thing that nobody else seemed to want to say.

“She and Kanye will not make it and what kind of mom will she be? A single mom,” she said.

In her usual Wendy fashion she even took things up a notch with a playful exaggeration of just how fast the break up will happen.

“[They will split] 30 seconds after the baby is born,” she added.

She even explained that she believes the mother of the Kardashian clan already has a scheme in place, and if that is true that means Yeezy is going to walk away with a lot less money than he came into the relationship with – and we’re not just talking about his decrease in record sales ever since he became attached to the Kardashian brand.

“I think Kanye’s about sick of all of it and he might think he has invested too much into this family and he is not going to win,” she explained.

As for the drama that happened earlier this year with Kanye wanting to pull Kimmy out from Kris Jenner’s wings, the famous radio personality explained that that was a failed mission from the very start.

“You are not going to pull a Kardashian away from Kardashians,” she said. “They just don’t really understand what it is like to give up for other people.”

Ouch. Tell them how you really feel Wendy.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that there was some concerning speculation around Kimye’s relationship.

With their opposing views on how much attention they should receive from the media and spending most of their time apart despite the fact that Kim is pregnant and could use some support, it does indeed seem like there is trouble in paradise.

Kanye has been confessing his love for Kim since 2009 (and some speculate that he released verses about her even earlier than that), but it seems like the girl of his dreams might not exactly be all he cracked up her to be.

Either way, we don’t have much longer to wait to see if Williams’s prediction comes true. Baby Kimye is due sometime in July which means Kim and Kanye could be pulling around the corner into splitsville at any moment.


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