Rihanna Reveals River Island Collection For Her Super Skinny ‘Fat Days’

Rihanna debuted a new video that gave a sneak peek at her latest fashion collection collaboration with the street label River Island and revealed that even on her ‘fat days’ her body is absolutely banging.

While RiRi’s arch nemesis Karrueche Tran is struggling to get out a sufficient line of t-shirts, Rihanna is making her mark in the fashion industry with her second collection which manages to combine the edginess of street clothing with some soft, flirty designs.

The video reveals that the Bajan beauty is very hands on with her designs, which comes as no surprise once you lay your eyes on the finished product.

Each piece definitely looks like it was inspired by the R&B songstress herself while still being able to fit a wide variety of girls.

According to Chris Brown’s ex, it’s all about creating a line full of pieces that can be mixed and matched to fit any style.

“I made a piece for everybody in my crew,” she says in the video. “We all have different body types and different tastes, and some are braver than others, but I think like that because that’s how all the women in the world are. We’re all different.”

She went on to say that the collection is full of “very timeless” pieces that are “flirty and fun” but still a little “gangsta” at the same time – which seems like the exact way we would describe her fashion sense.

The 25-year-old wasn’t afraid to admit that her clothing line is indeed inspired by her own style because that’s what got her into designing in the first place.

“I just wanted stuff that I want to wear because, at the end of the day, that’s what got me into designing, seeing things on the rack that were great but it could have been a little more ‘me,’ or fit me a little better, or be a little longer, be a little shorter, or have a little more sex appeal, or a little less sex appeal,” she explained.

Well it certainly seems like she took some of today’s hottest trends and turned the sex appeal up to the max.

Almost every piece exposes the midriff or is just pretty revealing overall, which is exactly why Rihanna made us all feel bad about our “fat days.”

“I needed to make clothes for fat days that I have,” the petite songstress said.

While we usually face our “fat days” with hoodies, tent dresses, or baggy shirts Rihanna apparently opts for see through mesh tops and bodysuits that resemble the classic swimsuit from “Baywatch.”

Meanwhile, the new clothing line wasn’t the only thing she was showing off.

The “Stay” songstress was caught out and about with a new blonde do that we frankly weren’t feeling too much.

There is a good chance that the blonde bang cut was just a one night type of deal (we really hope it is), but if she does decide to keep it she will certainly need to style the choppy look a bit better.

The platinum color seemed to wash out the usually stunning “Diamonds” songstress and even her bright red lipstick wasn’t enough to liven her face back up.

It’s easy to see that the blonde do is just a wig so many she’s just testing things out or she snagged the hair piece from her MAC photoshoot earlier that day.

Either way, we’re crossing our fingers that this will be the last of that blonde wig.


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