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Usher Slammed With ‘Six Figure’ Lawsuit from Ex-Nanny

Usher is being sued by his former part-time nanny who claims she often worked over 40 hours a week but was never rightfully paid by the R&B superstar.

It seems like there are only two things Usher does with nannies – and paying them isn’t one of them.

When he takes a break from messing around with the nannies, he spends time ripping them off instead.

The new “The Voice” coach is dealing with a pretty hefty lawsuit, according to TMZ, as the website claims Cecilia Duncan is coming after a “six-figure” pay check.

Duncan started her nanny duties back in 2010 and despite only being part time help she claims she went above and beyond to care for 5-year-old Usher and four-year-old Naviyd.

The former nanny brought her concerns to the “Climax” crooner but claims he ignored her and continued to underpay her for all the hard work she had been doing. It wasn’t long before Usher finally fired her last September without ever paying her the money she was owed for working overtime.

Duncan is now suing for wrongful termination, failure to pay wages, and a slew of other unspecified damages.

A source close to the situation tells TMZ that the lawsuit is “frivolous” and the nanny’s allegations against Usher are “completely false.”

Either way, Usher is only adding more fuel to Tameka Raymond’s fire.

After a long bitter custody battle between the two ex’s, Usher was awarded primary custody rights over both the couple’s children.

Even after the ruling Ms. Raymond made several attempts to bring the case back in front of judges but with no new evidence there was also no new case and the judges denied her.

Now there is a new picture being painted which may give Tameka the green light to snatch her kids right out of Usher’s arms.

Both of the children had been awarded to Tameka’s ex on the grounds that he was able to be there for the children more often than she would be.

With his new gig on “The Voice,” a new movie in the works, and still balancing his music career it’s very unlikely that he is around the children as much as the courts thought he would be.

Add the nanny drama on top of that and there is a pretty good chuck of evidence that may persuade the courts to hand the kids over to Tameka.

Not to mention all the negative publicity over Usher being quite the diva behind the scenes on “The Voice,” the 34-year-old has even tarnished the picture of a humble father that the legal system had previously bought into.

We’re sure Tameka is just waiting for the perfect time to strike…


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