Rihanna, Chris Brown Nasty Twitter Feud Suggests They’re Over For Good

Rihanna and Chris Brown exchanged some nasty words on Twitter on Thursday and Friday that suggests the RiRi and Breezy love rollercoaster has finally come to a screeching halt.

Rihanna and Chris Brown have done so much breaking up and getting back together that when their latest break up happened we were already placing bets on how long it would be before they were back together.

Well it seems like everyone who guessed they would be reuniting after a couple of days or even weeks can kiss their money goodbye.

Despite the “Don’t Judge Me” crooner saying he still had nothing but love and respect for his former lover, things got nasty via social media when Rihanna suggested that Brown wasn’t faithful during the relationship.

“If I drop all of my hoes for you and we still don’t work out you owe me some hoes,” she posted on Instagram.

While we do feel bad for the Bajan Beauty… okay we don’t really.

There were simply too many people in RiRi’s life that tried to warn her that the tattooed crooner wasn’t a faithful partner but she insisted on reuniting with the young man.

Of course, we are all aware that Rihanna wasn’t exactly keeping other men at bay when she was dating Brown… and apparently he knew too.

“She’s not mine if she’s everybody else’s’,” the 24-year-old tweeted on Friday.

So much for all that talk about being friends even after the break up.

Then again, there was something different about this break up that did have us wondering if it was the last straw.

Chris Brown’s father made it clear that he didn’t want his son getting back together with the “party girl” and Brown’s song about Rihanna revealed that he had had about enough of her drinking problems.

Either way, Breezy claimed loving the “Stay” songstress was just too much.

“Sometimes loving someone is too much,” he tweeted out on Wednesday. “So loving from a distance will help everyone grow! Be blessed. Live ya life!”

The tweet didn’t go unnoticed, however, because shortly after RiRi sent out a tweet that read, “Settling is not an option! Nothing less than 100% loyalty, honesty, and respect!!! Love ain’t for kidz #butimsleeptho.”

The sad part about this is that the couple seems to be handling their break up via social media rather than having a good old fashioned sit down about all their issues. At this rate the new generation is in trouble because the web is no place to deal with relationship woes and other private matters.

I guess it is only fair to admit that RiRi did reach out to her former lover through telephone, but it certainly wasn’t in a mature fashion.

Sources claim that the R&B songstress heard Brown’s interview about not wanting to “wife” her and went ballistic.

“She really blasted him, using language that made it sound like she never will get back with him again – no matter what people think,” the source explained.

The source went on to say that Rihanna found the comments to be “sexist” and “degrading.”

With most of the media in Rihanna’s corner on this one, we have to be fair about this relationship.

It is certainly a tragedy that RiRi endured all the drama she did by getting back together with Brown only for things to still fall apart at the end, but she certainly doesn’t deserve a pity party.

The “Right Now” songstress is 25-years-old and perfectly capable of making intelligent decisions. She went against every form of logic and continuously got back together with her on-again off-again lover despite close friends and family begging her to give it up.

Once again, however, we can’t act as if she was on her best behavior. Rihanna is very much guilty of what she is accusing Brown of.

At the end of the day, you had two young superstars who have eye candy all around them at all times and it seems like being faithful to one another wasn’t a commitment either party was ready to make.


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