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Mariah Carey, Miguel Make ‘Beautiful’ Music

What happens when Mariah Carey and Miguel get together on some new music? Something “Beautiful.

The new track, the lead single from Carey’s 2013 album release, debuted on Monday  and it seamlessly combines her signature vocals with Miguel’s groovy, sexy R&B style. It kicks off with a sultry guitar riff and some tambourine and from there it sears, with a beat that sounds like it was lifted from a Motown track.

The twosome trade verses about how they thrill each other on late-night motorcycle rides. The chorus feels particularly Miguel-inspired as they sing, ” ‘Cause it’s beautiful/ Ooh, you make me feel undressable / And I can’t pretend / That doesn’t mean a thing to me, to me / Oh, you’re beautiful…”

Carey called into Ryan Seacrest on Monday and explained why she wanted to hook up with the Grammy winner on the release. “I’m a huge fan of his music and as I think everybody’s just so blown away by him right now,” she said. “We got together. He had started writing this song with just the guitar riff. He’s the truth,” she said, before adding that she wanted the track to have “a texture that feels fresh.”

Late last month, Miguel wouldn’t confirm the rumors that he had hooked up with MC on this new track, but did share why he would want to work with her, if given the chance. He said, “I mean I fell in love with Mariah Carey when she walked out of the pool in [the ‘Honey’ video in 1997]. That ‘Honey’ video, that was it. And I’ve had a huge crush on her ever since. And, so, if we ever do have a chance, you know all respect to [Carey’s husband] Nick [Cannon], all love. I think I have a huge crush more on her as a musician, and I think it would be really great.”

During her chat with Seacrest, it was confirmed that the video, reportedly directed by Joseph Kahn, will premiere on Wednesday during “American Idol.”

“It’s about… It’s the antithesis of the person you see on ‘American Idol,’ ” she said about the clip.

And “Idol” fans should be excited because she confirmed that finalists Candice, Kree and Angie recorded backup vocals for a song that may make the final cut on the forthcoming album release. So, when should fans expect it? “Probably, we’re talking earlier than mid-summer, which is a lot of pressure on me. It’s evolving so much,” she said.

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