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Trick Daddy Considers Making Peace With Lil Wayne

Trick Daddy is not opposed to making amends with Lil Wayne but says Wayne  “would have been in the hospital for a different reason than a seizure,” if their dispute had further escalated.

Miami rapper Trick Daddy may be willing to hash out his differences with fellow artist Lil Wayne following an April incident at Miami strip club, King Of Diamonds, but the rapper didn’t hold his tongue during a recent chat with TMZ.

“If I [wanted to start a conflict with Lil Wayne] he would have been in the hospital for a different reason than a seizure,” Trick Daddy said to TMZ while discussing a possible sit-down.

Trick Daddy’s willingness for a sit-down comes after a dispute a mid-April that began when a member of Trick Daddy’s camp allegedly threw a lit cigarette into Lil Wayne’s hair as the rapper was leaving King Of Diamonds. Security quickly diffused the situation before both camps became physical.

Trick Daddy was also one of several South Florida-based artists who criticized Lil Wayne over remarks the rapper made about the Miami Heat.

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