Lil Kim Slapped With $15M Lawsuit

 Lil Kim is being slapping with a $15 million lawsuit from her business manager, who claimed that her diva attitude prevented him and his team from getting any project started and off the ground.

We’re not sure if Lil Kim is trying to join the diva club in the music industry, but doesn’t she realize how much money, power, and respect you have to have under your belt to be a diva?

You have to have fans like Mariah Carey’s who are so dedicated to you that they look past your narcissistic and immature rants on “American Idol.”

You have to have the sex appeal and special flare that Jennifer Lopez has that keeps us in love with her, even after she makes unusual demands.

You have to have the mind-blowing wealth, talent, and cult  following that allows Beyonce to get away with doing pretty much whatever she wants (even if that includes stealing music from 18-year-old girls and claiming she wrote it herself).

Lil Kim obviously has none of these things and nobody is willing to let her diva antics fly under the radar.

Andrew Ro, the rapper’s former business manager, is demanding $15 million from the washed-up artist after her diva-tude cost him several deals and ruined many projects.

Ro’s company, Rock Star Corp, locked Lil Kim into a licensing deal back in August of last year for several products.

Lil Kim was on track to have her own clothing line, fragrance, energy drink, shoe collection under Steve Madden, and a honey maker.

With so many products out on the market, the deal certainly would have made her some money, but it seems las though she decided none of the business ventures were worth her time.

According to Ro, she would never answer her phone or return the company’s calls. To make matters worse she refused to show up to any of the meetings for the projects unless she was compensated for her time.

As if that wasn’t enough, the final blow came when the New York native refused to promote her very own products.

Even after all the drama, Ro did not plan to take Kim to work. He simply insisted that he would find a way to make things work out, until the rapper hit him with a cease and desist letter. The letter ordered him to halt all work and partnership with Kim on any current or future projects.

To follow the letter, she filed a lawsuit that claimed she had been tricked into making a bad licensing deal.

Her former business manager should definitely quote Nicki Minaj on this one: “Is this the thanks I get for putting you [girls] on?”

Ro could have helped get Lil Kim’s career back on track, but after this fiasco it is unlikely that anyone will want to work with her. It’s already hard enough for the raunchy rapper when the rap industry will only make room for one popular and successful female rapper at a time – and Minaj doesn’t seem to be budging from that spot any time soon.

The only good news is that maybe now she won’t be able to afford to surgically alter her face anymore.

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